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New: A settlement has been reached in the Schnucks Data Security Breach Lawsuit at the state court level.  Visit for further details, information and claim forms.  Counsel responsible for this website do not represent any of the parties in the state court settlement.

"Schnucks is now facing a battle in the courtroom over a widespread security breach..."  

-- Kay Quinn, Channel 5 News

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster continues investigation into Schnucks security breach

Schnucks removes litigation from Illinois state court and tells federal court it could face upwards of $80 million ($79.75) in punitive damages in Illinois alone | says it may also be responsible for attorneys fees | admits class members had "time and expense" damages of 2 hours each totaling $7.25 million | Developing...


Millar Law Firm, LLC and its clients Carolyn and Tom Gwiazdowski, featured in Chicago Tribune article about data breaches persisting despite high security

Schnucks' CEO apologizes for data security breach - is he sorry or just sorry Schnucks got caught? | media coverage expands | visit news library for latest | Sign up today to stay connected and take action!

Class Action Lawyers Announce Data Security Breach Lawsuit

On Saturday March 30, 2013 Schnuck Markets, Inc. reported to the SEC that they had been the target of a successful data security hack which placed a computer code on its credit and debit card systems to copy the account numbers from the little black magnetic strip we've all become so accustomed to seeing. 

Why the disclosure?  Was Schnucks looking out for its customers' best interests?  Did Schnucks itself lose money?  No. But it discovered a pattern of customers who recently shopped at its stores become the victim of the fraud in some cases to the tune of $10,000. 

And Schnucks' response?  Did it compensate its customers who have been victim to its negligence?  Again, no.  Instead, it "apologized for any inconvenience this may have caused ... and we thank [you] for your patience..."  This was from Scott Schnuck, chairman and CEO.  In other words, Schnucks just exposed hundreds if not thousands of its customers to credit and debit card fraud (indeed at least in one case to the tune of $10,000), allegedly violated the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act and apparently did not take appropriate measures to safeguard its clients information and what does it do?  It "thanks" customers for their patience.

Schnucks should be held accountable in this day of electronic age.  Corporations and companies like Schnucks have no problem taking our money but if they make a mistake it apologizes for its inconvenience.  Yet as of April 1, 2013 Schnucks still has no idea how long the hacker code had been operating on its computer systems nor who was specifically affected or what account numbers were compromised. 

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